CHIP for Healthcare Providers

IMG_3758.JPGMedical centers and outpatient health care facilities are using CHIP for specific, chronic disease groups in these ways:

* As a key disease intervention and reversal tool for Type 2 Diabetes patients

* As a cardiac rehabilitation and heart disease prevention tool

* As a weight-loss and weight maintenance tool for obese patients

* As a tool to decrease system costs in accountable care organizations

Florida’s Lee Memorial Health System completed a recent CHIP program, which produced proven lifechanging results, and continue to actively implement in community programs.
 “Lifestyle – the way we eat and the way we move – has a huge impact on the prevention, arrest and reversal of chronic disease.  As a medical innovator, it would be remiss of LMHS to withhold these life-changing programs from our staff and patients.”  
– Dr. Salvatore Lacagnina, Vice President of Health and Wellness and Medical Director of Lee Memorial Health System’s CHIP Programs
“I was searching for scientific evidence that lifestyle change can make a difference in health, chronic disease management and therefore reduce healthcare costs.  I had success in this endeavor in my practice on a small scale and was able to find it in a large scale in CHIP.” – Amy Mechley, M.D.  Medical Director, Christ Community Hospital  Cincinnati OH 

CHIP programs in the medical channel are supervised and facilitated by physicians, registered nurses and other allied health professionals.

To find out more about how CHIP can benefit your health care facility, contact us today at 740-541-1944, email, or enroll online to join us at our next facilitator training workshop.

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