CHIP in your Workplace

IMG_0776The challenge:

The dramatic increase in health care costs is driven primarily by the increased number of employees with chronic diseases.  The U.S. Surgeon General states that 70% of those diseases are related to lifestyle choice. Studies have shown that the more health risks a person has, productivity decreases through the effects of absenteeism (habitual absence from work) and presenteeism (attending work while sick).

The good news is that everyone has a choice over personal lifestyle.

 “Since I am not one to ask others to do something that I am not willing to do myself, I jumped with both feet into the CHIP lifestyle.  It is the best decision I made in my life.  I have more energy and zest for life and more of a desire to do things when I get home from a long day of work.  I am looking forward to introducing CHIP to our employees and sharing my experiences with them.  This is truly a life-changing journey!” – Tim Ernst, Director of Human Resources, Pizza Wholesale of Lexington, Inc.  Lexington KY

“Our library system is always looking at ways to control healthcare costs, and give something back to the staff.  At the urging of our insurance broker, we started a wellness program about 3 years ago.  Our main goal has always been to support the staff, but ultimately, with fewer long-term health issues, it will help with our group risk and make us more appealing to insurance companies. The library encourages wellness breaks during the work day (in addition to the 2 regular 15 minutes breaks).  We’ve offered CHIP classes to staff.  We’ve even given away a new bicycle via a drawing to encourage activity.  As an administration, we decided it’s the right thing to do.  After all, we work here too and we all want to be supported.” – James Hill, Assistant Director, Athens County Public Libraries, Athens OH

The Solution:

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is a wellness program that empowers employees in a group setting. Each member will become educated, motivated and inspired to make better lifestyle choicIMG_4222es. Adjustments to eating and moving aid in the reduction of risk factors that lead to many chronic diseases. CHIP is designed to provide early identification of employees who have and are likely to have chronic diseases, and to help them modify and remove causes of lifestyle-related diseases. Early intervention prevents and even reverses disease progression. Employees CAN be healthier, happier and more productive. Both the employer and employee can enjoy substantially reduced medical costs and an improved outcomes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 10.13.37 AMRead more about Lee Memorial Health System’s employee health cost reduction here, along with their financial return-on-investment.

To find out more about how CHIP can benefit your corporation, contact us today at 740-541-1944 or email or enroll in the CHIP Facilitator Training Workshop.

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